We Are The Dwarves (Xbox One Key)



We Are The Dwarves is a tactical action-adventure game developed by Whale Rock Games. Do you like the Dwarves race? How about space? This game combines and presents both, tightly packed and prepared for your consumption!The Dwarves are next to extinction and it’s up to three legendary Dwarven astronauts to find a new sanctuary where their race could flourish once again!Take control of Forcer, a dwarf capable to dish out finishing combos in a distance! Control Smashfist, a front-liner capable of withstanding numerous foes at once, and use Shadow, a Dwarven assassin, precocious and deadly!Explore the unknown territories of the stone universe and meet various new civilizations, ancient monsters and many other dangers that comes with space-travelling!We Are The Dwarves, pictures this awesome race in an entirely different manner, and you’ll love it.

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