UNO Ultimate Edition (Xbox One Key)



Uno makes a return! Once again you can play with your friends in an unusual race to see who will get rid of their cards first. The video game version of Uno has been receiving praise from both players and critics and holding high review scores. Its a great opportunity to play with friends once again at any time. Even if youre separated by hundreds or even thousands of kilometres!Good old UnoThe gameplay has stayed the same, its exactly the old good Uno card game, only now its in virtual reality. There are four decks: green, yellow, red and blue. At the start of the game, players are given 7 cards each and their goal is to get rid of them before others. Match cards by number/symbol or the color and be prepared to backstab and be backstabbed by others. Where would the fun be without it? This version of Uno offers Classic mode with known rules and custom mode with a variety of house rules and configurable match settings that will keep the game fresh for a long time.New featuresAnother fun system in this version of the game is themed cards that will add flavour to the otherwise visual monotony. Custom theme decks include new appearances, sound effects and even game rules. Because why not take an already extremely fun game and crank it up to eleven? A simple tabletop board game translates so well into multiplayer, offering flexibility and accessibility thanks to included video chat support.Also, get ready to shake things up with new branded themes introducing never-before-seen Theme Cards that really change the way you play the game!Key featuresCult classic Uno card game for computerUnaltered classic rulesVariety of house rules and match settingsThemed decks that change visuals, sounds and add new rulesVideo chat support


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