The Valiant (Digital)



Does radiant gameplay sound like something you would enjoy immensely? What about a nice set of inventive features? That’s right, we also know that games like these are what makes gaming so sweet, and The Valiant key on __GAME_PLATFORM__ is perfect proof of that! Developed by Kite Games and delivered by the international bastion of gaming – THQ Nordic, the title exhibits high quality. From graphics to gameplay, everything is crafted with utmost attention to detail, sparing no effort from developers. Buy The Valiant __GAME_PLATFORM__ key for a great price and dive into an extraordinary strategy experience without hesitation!Strategy genreDo you want to feel in control of the whole game and its outcome? Seize the opportunity to make intriguing and dynamic decisions with The Valiant __GAME_PLATFORM__ key. Since it’s a strategy game, it’ll encourage you to make educated guesses about all the possible results of a match. Once you do that, you’ll have to decide on the best decision, and their variety is what will make the game compelling and interesting whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player.The Valiant featuresYou are going to experience these game elements, that you will fall in love with:• Command-based RTS. Get ready for many combat units, from quick cavalry to powerful swordsmen;• 15 missions for single-player. Choose your heroes’ divisions and travel through 15 unique missions, each having its own cut-scenes, narration, difficulty, and more;• Even more hero units. 5 new heroes units with 3 different skill trees will give you unique passive and active skills that you will have to choose from when leveling up your heroes. Combine heroes’ skills with weapons and armor how you want;• Many weapons. During the campaign, you will find a big variety of weapons and armor, each possessing its own features and special skills;• Game with friends. Play together with 2 friends in the co-op mode Last Man Standing, where you will face waves of enemies and get needed experience that you will use to level up your warriors and unlock new skills and cosmetics;• PvP. Go against other players in various modes that sustain various numbers of players, together with cosmetic progression and special awards;• Cheap The Valiant (PC) price.What more can you expect?In The Valiant __GAME_PLATFORM__ key game you can expect a breath-taking story about Theoderich von Akenburg, a former crusader who is coming back to his job after 15 years, because together with his friend Ulrich von Grievel he discovered an ancient artifact Roc of Aaron. It seems that this relic is not meant for living, and Ulrich becomes obsessed with the idea to collect all pieces of this artifact and start the event that will bring unseen evil and suffering to the world. An immersive story is waiting for you, and well-made, tactical gameplay won’t let you get bored, so if you are into similar games, don’t wait any longer and buy it at a cheaper price here. Be quick, because evil won’t wait!


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