Red Matter 2 (Digital)



Red Matter 2 is an adventure that takes place during a dystopian Cold War whose events unfold after Red Matter. It is the story of how people trapped in a reality created by their rulers, rebel against their destiny and fight to do the right thing.Being subjected to a mental simulation in an enemy base, you are awakened by an infiltrated agent who has been sent to rescue you. Just as you are about to escape you intercept a distress signal belonging to an old friend. Determined to come to his rescue, you embark on the journey of a lifetime to the far reaches of the solar system to find him. That adventure will make you question your entire reality, not only because you will once again encounter the Red Matter more unleashed than ever, but also because Volgravia holds more secrets than you could have ever imagined.About VR GameplayExplore a fully interactive world designed to enhance the feeling of immersion in virtual reality. Solve environmental, physics and logic puzzles with the help of your tools as you enjoy the beautiful, fully physicalized environments, using your jetpack to propel you and move without limits as you explore platforming sections. Use your hacking tool to access terminals, obtain information and clear your path. But dont be too confident, and be ready to fight when you least expect it. Volgravia took great care to protect the secrets you are about to discover…About the PC versionThe PC version of the game features:High-resolution texturesHighest polycount mesh is always visible. No mesh lodding.Dynamic shadowsIndirect ShadowsValve Index Controllers: If the game detects Valve Index Controllers being used, you will see a custom-made controller in-game.


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