Lost in Play (Digital)



Go on adventures and solve puzzles on this feel-good journey with a brother and sister as they explore dreamscapes and befriend magical creatures. Lost in their imagination, Toto and Gal must stick together and solve puzzles to find their way home. Help a brother and sister on an uplifting epic adventure to find their way home. Solving puzzles, escaping a horned beast and meeting quirky goblins are just part of the journey!About The GameLost in Play is a journey through childhood imagination with thoughtfully crafted puzzles and colorful characters. Play as a brother and sister duo on an adventure to find their way back home. Between reality and fantasy, the siblings explore the enchanted forest of a horned beast, start a rebellion in a goblin village, and help a team of frogs free a sword from a stone.Puzzles & MysteryThe bizarre and dreamlike world of Lost in Play is filled with mystery, unique puzzles, and mini-games. Challenge a pirate seagull to a game of clicking crabs, serve magical tea to a royal toad, and collect pieces to build a flying machine. Be a part of this modern point & click game that will reward your curiosity and leave you excited for the next piece of story.Key FeaturesA mysterious animated puzzle adventure.Filled with magical and magnificent creatures.Created with families in mind. Have your children watch you play!No dialogue. Everything is communicated visually in a universal way.Inspired by nostalgic TV shows such as Gravity Falls, Hilda, and Over the Garden Wall.Play cards with goblins, build a dragon, and teach a sheep how to fly.Includes 30+ unique puzzles and mini-games.Catch a derpy chicken. Maybe.

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