Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion – Tauntaun Riders



UWAGA! ZAMÓWIENIE PRZEDPREMIEROWE.WYSYŁKA JAK I ODBIÓR OSOBISTY, NAJPÓŹNIEJ W DNIU PREMIERY.PREMIERA PRZEWIDZIANA JEST NA DRUGI KWARTAŁ 2019SKLEP NIE PONOSI ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCI ZA ZMIANĘ DATY PREMIERYThe windswept plains of Hoth are treacherous even to native beasts, but tauntaun riders are trained to expertly handle their surefooted mounts, searching tirelessly for signs of the Empire. The tauntauns themselves can be quite dangerous, and few enemies wish to find themselves in the path of these ferocious snow lizards.Within this expansion, you’ll find two unique unpainted tauntaun rider miniatures, enough for one support unit, along with a new unit card for you to field in battle. Your tauntaun’s natural speed and defense mechanisms make them useful in a number of situations, of course, and this pack also contains three upgrade cards that give you the freedom to find a role for them that fits your particular battle plan.Support your Rebel armies with the two finely-detailed, beautifully-sculpted tauntaun rider miniatures found in this expansion! Two unique tauntaun riders stride across the frigid wastes of Hoth, their DL-44 blaster pistols at the ready.

Fantasy Flight Games

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