Deep Rock Galactic Dwarven Legacy (Digital)



Get the Dwarven Legacy Bundle to unlock the base game, the SUPPORTER UPGRADE, the MEGACORP and DARK FUTURE DLC packs, as well as the full game soundtrack! Any future DLC will be added to this Bundle as well, allowing you to buy them individually at the Bundles discount.Supporter UpgradeThis is for the true fan that wants to aid us further in the development of the game. Apart from our undying devotion and everlasting thanks, it gives you 4 unique armor variants only available to Supporter Upgrade buyers, as well as a custom Badge that will display next to your name ingame to show just what a badass you are.Dark Future PackA hard-edged and tactical set of kit especially for our most discerning employees: 4 unique suits of Armor, two matching Helmets to go with the armors, and a matching Paintjob for your personal drone Bosco. Important note: The contents of this Pack are cosmetic only!Megacorp PackStraight off the industrial carbon presses of the research floor! Includes a set of FULL MESH RESKINS of all the games weapons. Pair them up with Class-specific Armor Paintjobs to match your new weapons, as well as a matching Paintjob for your trusty Pickaxe. Important note: The contents of this Pack are cosmetic only!Original SoundtrackMore than two hours of action-packed deep-space synth split into two Volumes, enough to make anyone grow a beard worthy of a true dwarf!


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