Boo Bunny Plague Deluxe Edition (Digital)



Here it is! Boo Bunny Plague Deluxe edition with additional content! This version includes main game and DLC witch contains the original video game soundtrack with 31 tracks and a bonus 8 page digital comic book produced by DC comics, written by Tim Seeley and drawn by Jon Sommariva!!Bunny is a robotic childrens toy who was given artificial life by a computer virus. After meeting his BFF, a military prototype robot named Gunny, he quickly discovers that being a toy means hes not quite as tough as his deranged mind has lead him to believe, and he certainly doesnt have a military grade auto-repair like Gunny does.Thus begins his quest to earn enough money to buy himself an auto-repair! Along the way the gang uncovers a plot of treachery and Deicide. With their demonic waitress friend Faye and taxi driving god Ganny in tow, they follow the trail that will lead them on a musical adventure of epic proportions and change their entire universe!

On The Level Game Studios

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