Astro Colony (Digital)



Astro Colony is a game of automation and exploration in an infinite procedurally generated universe. It is composed of fully destructible voxel planets.Explore endless Universe and create the most efficient constellation of colonies. Build conveyor systems to automate production. Take care of Astronauts and their needs! Establish new colonies as part of intergalactic simulation.Key FeaturesExplore – Move stations, dock them and create a galaxy network no one have seen before!Environments – A space adventure game could not exist without a variety of biomes and hundreds of plants!Automate – Construct unique transport systems using conveyor belts and pipes.Astronaut needs – Recruit new Astronauts and fulfill their needs by providing food and shelter.Technologies – Research over 70 unique technologies to progress in colony development.Multiplayer – Play the game in the co-op mode with your friends or join other hosted lobbies.Face the risk – Traverse the universe full of unexpected events and discover unknown grounds.But be aware, the danger is lurking around the corner!


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